Digital solutions

Digital solutions
to facilitate the reuse of objects

Digital solutions
Circular City

Our solution for
Public Authorities

Circular City, the platform that boosts and simplifies reuse for your community

Customized to your needs and to your local specificities, Circular City is the easiest way to involve local actors to develop their capacity to give and reuse. As a public authority, enhance solidarity and reduce your waste treatment costs.

Object recovery,
our solution for individuals

Indigo and help people donate and receive in their local communities

Used by 1.9 million people, the free applications Indigo and allow safe and easy donations between individuals.

Indigo App

Our key results

online donations

3 861 239

online donations


1 967 774


tons of CO2 avoided

250 961

tons of CO2 avoided

Our recycling references

Maubeuge agglo
Rhôny Vistre Vidourle
Petite Camargue
La Frette
Stephane De Freitas

Don't throw away, reuse !

At Indigo, we believe that unused and discarded items represent a huge amount of untapped resources, and that it is time to unlock this potential.

We dedicate our energy and our know-how to develop solutions and services to ensure that each object gets a second life.

To achieve this objective, our digital platform aims to bring together the political, associative and economic actors of a territory so that giving or repairing becomes easier than throwing away.